October 19, 2010

Tuesdays Treasure Trove…

One of the things I love about the Fall is the amazing colors that we get to wear or use or just look at!  Here I have chosen one of those colors, Teal.  I suppose people don’t generally think of Teal as a Fall color, but it is definitely one of them!  See for yourself how great it is!

Deep Teal Blue Wire Wrapped Beaded Ring - Vintage Inspired in Brass Print - Acrylic Painting - Wishes - 8x8 Custom Bridesmaid Bride Color Satin Purse - Choose your color and design to match your wedding colors
SERENA  Pavo Collection Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations in Emerald Forest and Olivine Greens and Black Teal Mohair Poncho Bella - Peacock Inspired Bridal Hair Flower Comb Fascinator
August - Limited Edition - 8 x 10 Giclee Print - Hummingbird Bird Watercolor Print Leather Poppy Wristlet- Glazed Chocolate Earrings,  Turquoise Teal Boro Glass and Sterling Silver - One of a Kind - Caribbean

Click each image to lead you to more fabulous items in each shop!

Come back next Tuesday for some more treasures to look at, I know there are more out there just waiting to be discovered!


  1. I'm agree with you, teal is definetely a perfect fall colour. Thank you for featuring my crochet poncho. I'm happy to discover this blog.


  2. lovely color-- thanks so much for including my earrings!

  3. You guys are so welcome, it was my pleasure. Every item up there speaks for itself, all are just gorgeous!

  4. Teal is such a beautiful color, loving that shawl.


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