July 31, 2010

Happy Weekend…

Here is another project I was working on and decided to just snap some pictures of while I was working on them.  These are some embossed 100% cotton cards that are just gorgeous…well at least I think they are.  I mostly just wanted to share them.


my july 010

This card will measure 4x5 roughly and it will be blank inside. my july 011 Check out the cute circle texture and the letter pressed thank you, sometimes I think simple is stunning and beautiful.  I never underestimate the power of simple beauty.my july 012

Just a couple more pictures of this card after I folded it.my july 013All cards were ran through my letter press machine for the embossing and the letter press thank you in the center of each card.  Each card was also hand cut, so there may be slight discrepancies in sizes. 

What do you think?

July 30, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds…

Hey everyone…TGIF!  It’s finally Friday, yay!  And with it being Friday, it’s also time for Fantastic Friday Finds.  I have found some pretty amazing things this week as I looked through the volumes of beautiful things on Etsy.  Check them out and see for yourself.

First off we have this absolutely adorable headband for infants that was made by the Etsy shop, Handmade by Harlan.  I think the work speaks for itself and my goodness that baby is way too sweet!  Go on over to the shop and see what other amazing things you can find!


My next item for today is this totally sweet wool handbag.  This is simply a must, and the perfect color for the season.  Take a look at what other items Bags of Wool has to offer, I did and they have simply out done themselves.


The third item I found was the stunning necklace by Glitz Glitter.  I can’t imagine any woman taking a look at this necklace and saying NO…the craftsman ship of this piece is truly spectacular!  What other amazing things do they have in their shop…go find out!glitzflitter

Can you smell that?  I believe that I almost can…the sweet smell of lemon grass and honey!  Simply extraordinary if I do say so myself.  Kudos Fairy Bubbles!  What other scents you can find at their shop?


My last find for today is the charming light yellow nightdress with the breathtaking lace!  Absolutely stunning!  I think this is the perfect night wear for this time of year, beautiful, cool and very sensuous but at the same time not over the top.  Chez Margot on Etsy made the right choice in adding this to their shop.


Well those are my finds for this week, come back next Friday and see what spectacular things I found to share!

July 29, 2010

Great Blog…

I think everyone should go over and check out this great blog that I started following today.  It’s almost inspirational in a way…it makes you think about looking at things in a different way and not just how they actually look.  The photos are wonderful and fun to see. Here is one picture:

The name of the blog is:  If Toys Could Talk  I recommend this blog as a great way to bring a little love into your heart!

Great job!

July 28, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday…

Hey everyone…here is another wonderful addition of Whimsical Wednesday.  I hope you enjoy these amazing shops on Etsy as much as I have. 

gemlynn 3

Go on over to the Gemlynn shop on Etsy and pick out a gorgeous pair of ear rings that are to just die for!  These pieces are simply stunning and would make any woman wish she were you when she wore them.

lightsensitive 3

Sensational is the word that comes to mind when I see this gorgeous photography from the shop of Light Sensitive on Etsy.  I’m almost speechless looking at the beauty that they behold.  How about you?

thepaperlilly 3

The graphics on the stationary at The Paper Lilly on Etsy is so impressive that it will be difficult to just choose one.  Anyone that passes this shop and doesn’t buy something is missing out.  Check them out for yourself and see if I’m right.

thesoapbasket 3

Can you smell the great scents?  I can…well almost, these great soaps at The Soap Basket are so great that imagining how great they smell is easy to do.  I bet the scent lingers on your skin and makes you feel fresh and ravishing all day!

That’s it for this weeks Whimsical Wednesday, come back next week to see what spectacular shops there are to discover!

July 27, 2010

Delicate Beauty…

Check out this gorgeous treasury my moleskine sketch books were featured in created by Dreaming Star Dust.


Enjoy it as much as I have!

July 23, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds…

As I was perusing through Etsy as I do on a daily basis, I started finding things that just stood out to me and I thought I would share with the everyone, so this is the start of my “Fantastic Friday Finds” weekly piece. I hope that you enjoy each of these items as much as I do. Keep in mind that each of these items were probably made with love and of course lots of skill!


Simply an adorable little handbag from Krissy Anne Designs, I Love the colors and how perfectly the pleats fall across the front! Very well done!


Such great looking soap, and I can almost smell the lemon and coconut scent! LOVE that thought…mmm! A Slice of Delight has out done themselves with this soap, at least in my opinion they have!


Look at the work that went into these great earrings! I love the color mixture in these, the green just makes the purple pop. Absolute Jewelry did an amazing job with these!


My goodness…I can almost taste the flavor combo in this jam, it makes me want to have a toasted bagel right now!! YUM! Hopes Pantry did a great job with the combo of these two flavors!


I have to admit that I am a sucker for mint…and just the thought of it in a nice warm bath sounds sooo soothing! It totally makes me want to go take a nice hot bath right now. Angel Made Eco Spa had the right idea when they thought up this great product!

All in all, every one of these products are wonderful, and would make great gifts for any of the special people in your life

Thanks for reading,


JCB Design Studio

July 21, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday…

Today’s Whimsical Wednesday’s are here and absolutely to die for, if I do say so myself!  Truly amazing finds from simply great artists of their craft.  Take a look and see for yourself!

karajustsimplydainty 3So adorable…these are some great finds at Kara Simply Dainty's Etsy shop.  How cute would your daughter, grand daughter or niece be in this?   Go see for your self!

saraleesoaps 3

Amazing soaps at Sara Lee Soaps, I can almost smell them from here…and I imagine they make your skin feel wonderful.  You should take a look and see which one you fancy!

stoneraystudio 3

The jewelry over at Stone Ray Studio is gorgeous and breath taking!  I can’t imagine any woman being with out a piece of jewelry from this shop!

theaustinfassino 3

Absolutely fabulous photography by this amazing photographer, The Austin Fassino shop on Etsy is the place to be!

Absolutely fabulous finds on Etsy, go check out these amazing vendors and see what else they have in the shop to be discovered!


JCB Design Studio

July 19, 2010

More watercolor…

Here are a few more things that I painted a little while ago, I haven’t “mastered” the art of water color as of yet so I have not added them to my Etsy shop.  But I did want to share them and see what people thought. Here are my not so perfect creations…

With this card I hand sketched each flower, and I have NO idea what the flower is.  It is my own creation, not some thing I have seen in reality, but I like it!  I then added the watercolor over the sketches of each flower and viola this flower took on a little life.  I’m just not 100% sure I’m happy with it, I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my sketching and painting. 

These little cards I picked up at the local AC Moore, of which I am VERY disappointed closed, because I thought they were super cute!  So since I was dabbling with the cherry blossom theme that I love so much I decided to try it out on these mini flat cards.  I wasn’t 100% sure I liked them when I finished them though.  they seemed overly busy for their size, so they sit in my back stock and await a purpose.

I would love some feed back though, if anyone has any thoughts.

July 14, 2010

A small look…

Thought I would give you all a small look behind the scenes.  Not a whole lot too look at, I don't have the traditional work center.  I transform my dining room table into my “workbench” and get down to business.  I posted some pictures of some things  I was working on the other day, of which will soon be in my etsy shop!  Take a look:

july 14 137

A small birds eye view of my working surface.

july 14 138

Some of my dye pads for my stamping projects, along with some shiny glitter, not sure what I’m using it for yet!

july 14 139

A closer look at some of the clear stamps that I use, some of which you haven’t seen on products in my etsy shop yet.

july 14 141

A cute little happy birthday card just waiting to be used.

july 14 140

The clear stamps I used on the mount, I have found that I LOVE the clear stamps as opposed to the traditional stamps on blocks.  I like being able to see what and where I am stamping before I touchdown and say OOPS! It makes the oops happen a lot less!

Have a great day everyone!

Whimsical Wednesdays!

Here is the next installment to the Whimsical Wednesdays!  I searched and searched to find these amazing undiscovered shops on Etsy.  I hope that you enjoy their work as much as I do.  Take a look at the selections I have chosen and then take a walk to their shops to see what YOU can discover!

donlawrence2010 3

Now this is some amazing photography!  I found these amazing works of art over at the Etsy shop of Don Lawrence, this shop is a definite must see.

ekobeko 3

Absolutely wonderful is how I describe the work over at Ekobeko’s Etsy shop.  They are making the earth more friendly one item at a time!  I totally give them a thumbs up…and I couldn’t agree more…this IS the only planet with chocolate so lets do some saving!

jewelrymydear 3

This is some stunning pieces of jewelry, I can’t see how any woman could live without one of these pieces.  The artistry that goes into it is astonishing.  Jewel My Dear’s Etsy shop is a MUST see on your visit!

laurenmariedesigns 3

Talk about adorable!  These gorgeous hair accessories are so cute you can’t just buy one!  Lauren Marie Designs Etsy shop Etsy shop and see what I mean.

jcbdesignstudio 3

Every woman needs a handbag…something she can carry her daily belongings in.  Stop by JCB Design Studio’s Etsy shop and see which one you fancy!  And while you’re there check out the cute stationary!

That was today's Whimsical Wednesday’s post, check back next week for another installment and see what undiscovered shops I’ve found!

July 6, 2010

Whimsical Wednesdays!

Ok everyone here is my second addition to Whimsical Wednesdays'! Please enjoy, and check back next Wednesday for another great addition to this newest idea!

emerald coast 3

Take a good look through Emerald Coast Images and see the amazing photography. I thought these pieces of artwork were simply breathtaking!

inkd by kate 3

Such great work from this cute little shop on Etsy…go take a walk through Ink’d by Kate’s Etsy shop and see what sweet and adorable things you can find! I know I have my eye on a few!

lampwork designs 3

Simply stunning pieces of work in this collection at Lampwork Designs shop on Etsy. Gorgeous pieces that would look scrumptious on any woman of any age. I can just picture myself in them!

twenty two & thirty three 3

Such unique ideas in Twenty-Two & Thirty-Three’s Etsy shop…I think my favorites are the Vintage map cards! So original! You really need to flip through and see what you can come up with!

verdant skin care 3

What woman doesn't need to take care of her skin…at any age. I know for a fact that I myself can always use the help of great skin care products! Go over to Verdant Skin Care’s Etsy shop and see which products would work for you.

jcbdesignstudio 3

JCB Design Studio’s has some cute little handmade handbags that are just the perfect size to fit any necessity a woman would need to carry with her. Go take a look and see which one would work with your style!

That’s it for today’s Whimsical Wednesday!

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