November 24, 2010

Free Shipping…

I’m offering free shipping in my Etsy Shop from now until the 24th of December!  Come one come all! Happy Shopping and Happy Turkey Day to everyone!  The holidays are UPON us!  May we all be merry!



November 23, 2010

Almost Turkey Day…

So what plans do you have for Thanksgiving?  Me…we always have dinner at my house with the whole family, in laws, parents, cousins the whole shebang!  It ends up being a lot of people but its all worth it in the end!  So I thought today’s post should be about Thanksgiving and everything that goes along with it.  Take a look at some of the amazing things I found that will help you along through out the day and maybe even just be something comfy to make you happy.

Small Scalloped Platter - Dark Brown and Golden Brown Badass Banana Bread Salt and Pepper Cellars with Tray - Perfect for your Thanksgiving Table
Pumpkin Cheesecake Oval Lip Balm - One Tube TURKEY 3 Vintage Book Page Art Print, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Spiced Pumpkin Pie Soap
AUTUMN SPLENDOR WREATH....was 75.00 now 40 per cent off- plus half off shipping Acorns - Printable Place Cards Packet Aunt Helen's Pumpkin Muffins - ONE DOZEN (12)

Are these items just NOT the BEST ever?  I think they will make anyone’s Turkey Day go a little easier if not just better. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 18, 2010

Holiday Gifts…

Yes its that time of year again when we must venture out into the world and do some much needed shopping!  Christmas is just around the corner and I (and I’m sure some other people too) need to get on the ball!  So I decided to make today’s post about gifts, especially the gifts I have discovered on Etsy!  Take a look at the fabulous loot I found:


2011 Printable Wall Calendar. Sheep black and white flask vases on iron stands - Black lace design Rain walk 10 x 7,5 Fine Art Photography
why so blue - a maoiliosa pendant necklace Handmade Purse with teal polka dots 2011 Desktop Calendar
Pink Thank You Flat Note Pink Baby Bear Hat - Photo Prop - Matching Diaper Cover Available ICE ROSE PETALS - WIRE WRAPPED STRELING SILVER EARRINGS by gemboxjewelry

Click the pictures to lead you to even more delectable gifts!  Amazing things can be discovered if you only look!

November 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds…

Due to the inclement weather outside my house today I have decided to make this Fantastic Friday Finds post about all things warm, cozy and comforting on a rainy day (and maybe a few extras for good measure).  So take a look at these great finds from Etsy’s amazing and plentiful shops…of which never cease to amaze me with how much talent there is on it!

Chunky hat in Grey November Rain Scarf with Pom Pom Flower Brooch Trench shortie Rain Jacket in Slate Grey Japanese nylon ,very compact, Last one
Grey Mug Cozy, Gray Cup Sleeve, Coffee Tea, Twilight Silver Dark Fall Ash, Knitted Cabled Steampunk Brass umbrella necklace copper bow vintage style Woodfired Mug, Rustic
Nuit - Ring Rainy Day in Central Park NYC 20x20 Photograph on Canvas crocheted baby or lap blanket- shades of grey

Just looking at the things I found makes me all warm and cozy…not to mention “in style too”!  Hope that it has made you feel the same if you are having the same sort of rainy day blues I am! Have a super great weekend everyone!  Happy Friday!

November 4, 2010

Is writing letters a thing of the past?

Do you feel that writing letters and sending them via snail mail is a thing of the past?  I myself say NO NO NO to that question!  Everyone loves to receive handwritten letters and notes from a loved one or someone they haven’t heard from in a very long time.  I say that this year we should all take the time to break out the pens, pencils and paper and start your writing engines!!  Get revved up and ready to go with the new year almost upon us.  Here are some great pieces I have discovered while looking through the plentiful items on Etsy.  Take a look for yourself and see if these inspire you to take your inspirations to paper and write that long awaited letter to a loved one!  I know they will be thoroughly happy!

Lights of Hanukkah Greeting Card The Poppy Collection - Personalized Set of 12 Notecards Set of 4 screen-printed flat notes in gray and ochre
Papercut Maple Leaf Stationery Set of 6 Fall Cards Set of 8 Blank Sunflower Notecards Mini Notecard Set Groovy
Mistletoe Kisses--1 postcard with envelope Set of 20 Personalized Initial Orange Whimsy Flat Note I Like Your Bow Blank Greetings Card

Now if these don’t inspire you to get out your writing utensils…I just don’t know what will!  Take this challenge and see if you can stick to it, make it your New Years Resolution…to write more handwritten notes or letters to the ones you love this coming new year!

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