November 18, 2010

Holiday Gifts…

Yes its that time of year again when we must venture out into the world and do some much needed shopping!  Christmas is just around the corner and I (and I’m sure some other people too) need to get on the ball!  So I decided to make today’s post about gifts, especially the gifts I have discovered on Etsy!  Take a look at the fabulous loot I found:


2011 Printable Wall Calendar. Sheep black and white flask vases on iron stands - Black lace design Rain walk 10 x 7,5 Fine Art Photography
why so blue - a maoiliosa pendant necklace Handmade Purse with teal polka dots 2011 Desktop Calendar
Pink Thank You Flat Note Pink Baby Bear Hat - Photo Prop - Matching Diaper Cover Available ICE ROSE PETALS - WIRE WRAPPED STRELING SILVER EARRINGS by gemboxjewelry

Click the pictures to lead you to even more delectable gifts!  Amazing things can be discovered if you only look!


  1. Wonderful gift ideas, thank you for featuring my earrings

  2. Wonderful finds! Love the black lace painted vase...yevgenia's shopis gorgeous!

    I had to "heart" her shop...I feel wish list stuff coming on!

  3. You are very welcome Joanna and thanks Meeling thats so sweet! Etsy does have some amazing things on there just waiting to be discovered!


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