December 17, 2010

Warm drinks and yummy goodies that give you that make you feel warm all over…

Yes its that time of year when the wonderful warm air turns cold and occasionally unbearable!  So today’s post is all about the warm drinks and yummy goodies that give you that warm fuzzy feeling…well on the inside that is!  Enjoy these scrumptious looking drinks and edibles that make a nice duo.
Gourmet Caramel Hot Cocoa Mix (Large) THE AZTEC Cookie Gift Box Hot Chocolate on a Stick - with Homemade Marshmallows - THREE
Marzipan Candy Hearts, 1/2 lb Yummy Comfort Food Recipe Pack Holiday Cake Truffles -- 16 piece
Half Caf- Roasted Coffee- Sumatra Grade 1    1lb German Thumbprint Holiday Cookies Darkest Hot Cocoa

Happy Holidays from JCB Design Studio!

December 13, 2010

Free printable Christmas tags…

In the spirit of the holidays I thought it would be nice to give something free, so here is a copy of one of my Christmas tags.  Feel free to print as many as you like, you can download it here…happy holidays!  I don’t have any listed in my Etsy shop, but if anyone wants a different type just let me know and I can come up with something, I also have some great Christmas cards available.

xmas tag

This is what it looks like!  Enjoy!

Absolutely FABULOUS finds…

Today I found some amazing things on Etsy that are very wintery…since some areas of the world are encased in winter as we speak I thought it was a befitting subject.  So…I found great items on Etsy that had to do with winter, see for yourself and go visit the shops to see what they have to offer.

Winter Leaf Necklace Chickadee in Snow No. 11 - 5x5 fine art photography print of cute little bird on a branch on a snowy winter day CRYSTAL ICE Earrings, Clear Swarovski Crystal, Oxidized Sterling Silver
Alya Bracelet - White Keishi Pearls, 3 Strand, Clear, Bridal, Free Shipping, Made to Order Elaborate Holiday Snowflake Soap ...  Peppermint - Cinnamon - Vanilla twist scent Cozy Cowl Neckwarmer Vanilla Cream
WINTER PINE BOUGH necklace Miniature Wood Town - Set of 3 Shh - 8 x 8

As I said these are some amazing finds but even better yet…the shops have a plethora of pieces to choose from!

Happy Holidays from JCB Design Studio!

December 10, 2010

Bragging Rights…

Ok so this has made my day!!  The other day on Etsy I received an email from a woman that works for the LA Times Book Blog Jacket Copy, she is a reporter.  She asked if I would give her permission to use of of my bookplates in a list of her favorite bookplates on the blog, I of course say YES!  Well today is the feature you can check it out here.  Totally made my day!! Hoping that it will bring more people to my shop!  Happy Friday and Happy Holidays everyone!!

December 9, 2010


If anyone is interested in personalized or non-personalized bookplates I have an array of them that I can print and have ready to ship in no time!  Take a look below and see which ones I have available:

bookplate 1 bookplate 2  bookplate 3 
bookplate 4 bookplate 5 bookplate 6

Not all are available in my etsy shop as of yet, so if you want a particular design just let me know which one and we can set up something up, just send me a message here.

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