July 14, 2010

Whimsical Wednesdays!

Here is the next installment to the Whimsical Wednesdays!  I searched and searched to find these amazing undiscovered shops on Etsy.  I hope that you enjoy their work as much as I do.  Take a look at the selections I have chosen and then take a walk to their shops to see what YOU can discover!

donlawrence2010 3

Now this is some amazing photography!  I found these amazing works of art over at the Etsy shop of Don Lawrence, this shop is a definite must see.

ekobeko 3

Absolutely wonderful is how I describe the work over at Ekobeko’s Etsy shop.  They are making the earth more friendly one item at a time!  I totally give them a thumbs up…and I couldn’t agree more…this IS the only planet with chocolate so lets do some saving!

jewelrymydear 3

This is some stunning pieces of jewelry, I can’t see how any woman could live without one of these pieces.  The artistry that goes into it is astonishing.  Jewel My Dear’s Etsy shop is a MUST see on your visit!

laurenmariedesigns 3

Talk about adorable!  These gorgeous hair accessories are so cute you can’t just buy one!  Lauren Marie Designs Etsy shop Etsy shop and see what I mean.

jcbdesignstudio 3

Every woman needs a handbag…something she can carry her daily belongings in.  Stop by JCB Design Studio’s Etsy shop and see which one you fancy!  And while you’re there check out the cute stationary!

That was today's Whimsical Wednesday’s post, check back next week for another installment and see what undiscovered shops I’ve found!

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