July 30, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds…

Hey everyone…TGIF!  It’s finally Friday, yay!  And with it being Friday, it’s also time for Fantastic Friday Finds.  I have found some pretty amazing things this week as I looked through the volumes of beautiful things on Etsy.  Check them out and see for yourself.

First off we have this absolutely adorable headband for infants that was made by the Etsy shop, Handmade by Harlan.  I think the work speaks for itself and my goodness that baby is way too sweet!  Go on over to the shop and see what other amazing things you can find!


My next item for today is this totally sweet wool handbag.  This is simply a must, and the perfect color for the season.  Take a look at what other items Bags of Wool has to offer, I did and they have simply out done themselves.


The third item I found was the stunning necklace by Glitz Glitter.  I can’t imagine any woman taking a look at this necklace and saying NO…the craftsman ship of this piece is truly spectacular!  What other amazing things do they have in their shop…go find out!glitzflitter

Can you smell that?  I believe that I almost can…the sweet smell of lemon grass and honey!  Simply extraordinary if I do say so myself.  Kudos Fairy Bubbles!  What other scents you can find at their shop?


My last find for today is the charming light yellow nightdress with the breathtaking lace!  Absolutely stunning!  I think this is the perfect night wear for this time of year, beautiful, cool and very sensuous but at the same time not over the top.  Chez Margot on Etsy made the right choice in adding this to their shop.


Well those are my finds for this week, come back next Friday and see what spectacular things I found to share!


  1. So many lovely finds, here! I am so honored to have my necklace among them!

  2. lovely items and blog too.

  3. Thanks guys and you are welcome Glitz!


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