July 31, 2010

Happy Weekend…

Here is another project I was working on and decided to just snap some pictures of while I was working on them.  These are some embossed 100% cotton cards that are just gorgeous…well at least I think they are.  I mostly just wanted to share them.


my july 010

This card will measure 4x5 roughly and it will be blank inside. my july 011 Check out the cute circle texture and the letter pressed thank you, sometimes I think simple is stunning and beautiful.  I never underestimate the power of simple beauty.my july 012

Just a couple more pictures of this card after I folded it.my july 013All cards were ran through my letter press machine for the embossing and the letter press thank you in the center of each card.  Each card was also hand cut, so there may be slight discrepancies in sizes. 

What do you think?

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