October 15, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds…

Ok so my daughter and  I this week have decided to try Yoga!  Well Yoga on the Wii, we aren’t going anywhere to a studio and embarrassing ourselves in front of other people, that would be a HUGE faux pas on our part, because we have NO idea what we are doing!  With that said though, we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and of course paying the price!  Have muscles I didn’t realize I had!!  So I have made this post all about the wonderful world of Yoga Etsy style!  Check them out, I think there are some pretty fantastic finds here!
2 Small Journals - yoga art imagesORGANIC Yoga Mat Bag in Daisies in Summer - READY TO SHIPM Psychedelic Eye T-shirt on Orchid ..... Women's Medium tee
Yoga Switch Plate coverWholesale Aromatherapy Eye Pillows, Set of 6 Individually Packaged, Flaxseed and LavenderChill Realm Lounge Pants
Lotus In Full Bloom NeclaceSterling Silver Lotus Cup Ring with Blue Topaz--Size 6--READY TO SHIPSterling Silver Lotus Flower French Hook Earrings
I hope that you enjoy looking at these great items as much as I have, each shop has so many more items that are just as exquisite!  Happy shopping and Happy Friday!


  1. Sounds like fun...I'd be the same way...try it at home first...that way I'd just make a fool of myself in front of the closet mirror! :-P I love that light switch cover!

  2. Yeah for trying new things! Keep life an adventure...even if we look like dorks in the process!! It's all in good fun. Great post and thank you for featuring my yoga mat bag among all of those beautiful creations!!!

  3. Oh I would never go in public with it til I was SURE I had almost mastered it! Not into making a fool of myself in public! lol But it is so much fun to try different things, I agree that you should keep life an adventure! Makes me remember that I need to blog on my other blog, http://myadventurethrulife.blogspot.com/ I haven't posted in awhile and I think I need to do that tonight! You are welcome Jodi, I loved yoga mat bag! Keep up the great work, and I loved that kight switch cover myself Meeling, it makes me smile!

  4. Oh I love them all. I feel an inner peace just looking at your blog :)



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