September 14, 2010

Tuesdays Treasure Trove…

Ready to Launch by Blue Echoes Photography Breaking the Norm by Blue Echoes Photography
Vertigo by Blue Echoes Photography Reeds by Blue Echoes Photography
Annoying Weed by Blue Echoes Photography I little flask by Blue Echoes Photography

I have always been fascinated with black and white photos…so when I came across these stunning pieces I absolutely had to share them with you.  Something about them just called my name.  I know this is an odd comparison, but I think of black and white photos like these remind me of music in minor…they both seem eerie and almost scary but draw you in by the the shear beauty they behold!  Etsy shop Blue Echoes has accomplished both things in these images, great job!  Go over to their shop and see what you can find!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful! I especially love the one of the beaker/jar on the bottom left :]

  2. Black Squirrel, that was actually one of my favorites as well! Blue Echoes does an amazing job, can't wait to see what else is in store!


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