September 8, 2010


Sorry that Tuesday’s Treasure Trove and Whimsical Wednesday’s were not here this week, my week has been unusual and kind of chaotic to say the least.   So they will both be back next week for everyone to DROOL over, because lets face it some of the things on Etsy are just that “something to drool over”!  So since they were not here  I am putting some great finds from Etsy here from some of my favorite shops. Take a look and see what you think, see if any are your favorites too!

Haystack Cookies Rose Cut Sapphire bezel ring, 18k yellow gold Orange Lill - FREE SHIPPING
Tall Vase in Honeycomb Strawberries n' Cream Cupcakes V/GF Set of Three Ball Quilted Crystal Mason Jar Soap Dispensers
japanese wedding - 20 personalized washi fortune cookies in a take-out box ceramic tea mug with infuser - Babys Breath Rabbit 14 inch OOAK

Now tell me these aren’t items you could drool over?  Absolutely gorgeous and mouthwatering things, with way more to discover when you go over to Etsy itself!  I even have some new products in my shop that I feel is mouth watering and worth drooling over, go take a look there as well.  Come back next week and see what I have discovered!

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