September 3, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds…


Today’s addition of Fantastic Friday Finds is going to be all about babies!!  We (not ME) just had an addition to our family a few weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to give some credit to the little ones in the world!  I have found some really amazing things on Etsy design specifically with babies in mind.  Check them out and then go shopping!Personalized Set - Bib and Infant Hat

What an adorable little hat and bib set from Etsy shop Kirks Korner…so cute!  I love the fact that it’s personalized with the babies name on it.  I can just see the newest addition to our family in this!  Go take a look at the other cute items they have in their shop…SUPER cute things!

Lamb Hat

Ummm…can you say OMG SOOO CUTE!!!!  I just want to pinch her cheeks she is so adorable with that hat on her head!  I have NO babies to buy this for and I really want one just because its so cute!  Etsy shop Hip Chick Crochet did such a great job on this piece, I know how to crochet but could do this if you paid me to.  You really need to go to her shop and see all the other adorable things she…truly adorable!

Trendy Sage and Brown - Custom Clothing Closet Dividers

Ok this is a fabulous idea, I remember how much of a pain it was to go rummaging through the (what seemed like millions) of baby clothes I had to find the ones that were the appropriate size for the age my babies were.  I love this idea, I am all for organization and this is a very helpful thing!  Etsy shop Fancy Pants Print Shop did a terrific job!  See what other things they offer in their shop.

Fisher - a custom photo birth announcement for your baby boy or girl

There were so many birth announcements to choose from that it was so hard to just choose one.  I did narrow my search down to this fantastic choice by Etsy shop lukecommasara.  The card is great because its customizable, you use your own images and they are willing to change fonts and colors!  This shop carries such a variety of things its going to be hard to just choose one!  Go take a look!

That’s all for today come back next week and check out my next addition of Fantastic Friday Finds!

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  1. What beautiful baby finds! I looove that little hat! Thank you for featuring my clothing dividers in your collection :)


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