August 9, 2010

Tuesday’s Treasure Trove…


Custom Note cards, Stationery and Paper Goods

Damask Personalized Notecards-Set of 6 with envelopes Blue and Chocolate Butterfly Notes- Set or 6 w/envelopes Custom Pink and Lime Preppy Monogrammed Notes-Set of 6 w/envelopes
Single Color Monogram Flat Notecard Set of 6 w/envelopes Dotted Flower Notecards/stationery-set of 6 w/envelopes Personalized Scroll notecards- Set of 6 notes w/envelopes
Scroll Wedding Invitation Sample Set Beautiful Orange Blazing Monogrammed Sun Flat Notecards- Set of 6 with envelopes Personalized Green Tree Notecards-Set of 6 with Pink envelopes
Personalized Bubble Notes- Set of 6 w/envelopes Custom Pink Flower Kiddie Cards- set of 10 w/envelopes Star Folded Notecards/stationery-Set of 6 with envelopes


Take a look at these fabulous note cards made by Etsy shop Sweet Grass Prints, these are totally amazing!  I love all of the swirls and flowers and great monograms.  If you can’t find what you need at this shop then you are looking with your eyes closed, because there should be no way you could pass these up!  Run right over and get yours today!

Come back next Tuesday to see what the treasure trove has in store!

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