August 13, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finds…

Ready for another addition of Fantastic Friday Finds?  I am!  Since last week was a birthday inspired post I decided to make the Fantastic Friday Finds be a themed posting every week.  This week’s inspiration comes from the need to write something…How long has it been since you “wrote” a letter instead of emailing or blogging? I can admit that it’s been way too long for me…I’ve become very dependent on my techie products these days and feel its time to “also” get back to the old fashioned way of getting in touch with someone and write them a letter (that does NOT mean I’m giving up my techie products!!)!  So here are some absolutely amazing finds from some great shops on Etsy who also seem to have the desire to get back to basics!

My first choice today is this beautiful Letterpress Note card set by Delphine Studio.  Take a look at the great monogram at the top of the card, simply beautiful in its boldness! LOVE IT!  Just think about the great note you can send a friend that isn’t expecting to receive a letter from you and how much they will enjoy it!

Letter B Initial Letterpress Note Card Set


Next we have the writing utensil itself…you can’t actually write a letter with out the utensil to do so.  This  great piece of art from Etsy shop CGW Wood is the perfect pencil for this job!  Take a look at the amazing detail carved into the wood…beautiful and the color is to die for…what can I say I’m a girly girl at heart and love girly colors!

CReATOR / Purple-heart - Handmade Wooden Mechanical Pencil

Now that the letter is written you need to customize the envelope and what better to do that with than this great return address stamp that will have your initial right in the center! LOVE this idea, its so personalized and can be used over and over again, and with any color of ink you choose to use!  Etsy shop Purple Lemon Designs has done a terrific job!

Small Circles N Circles Customized Address Stamp

Last but not least we have another envelope embellishment…a very adorable idea from Etsy shop Paper Pastries.  This great stamp that simply says…”Please deliver to”…so adorable!  What a great idea!  This makes the envelope even more personalized for the recipient! 

Please deliver to wooden stamp

Well that’s it for today’s Fantastic Friday Finds…come back next week and see what other fantastic things I have found and what my newest theme will be!  OK SO…I also have some homework for you, YES homework...GO WRITE A LETTER…it could be to your mom, your sister, your grandmother or your best friend! Just get out all of your writing gear and go to town and tell someone “hi” or “I love you'”!  See you next week!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Purple Lemon Designs, Laurie! I really appreciate it :)

  2. You are so welcome Kelly, the work is great! LOVE it!

  3. Happy Belated BD! Love that stamp!

  4. Aww Thanks LaAlicia! Thats so sweet of you, and I agree that is a great stamp isn't it?

  5. Great finds! I do wish snail mail was more popular... it is so nice to get mail that is not bills! ;)

  6. Oh you are soo right Cabin, it would be nice to get some mail that wasn't bills! I actually did today! One of the shops I featured last week sent me the card I featured as a birthday was so nice and so sweet of her! Gorgeous card!

  7. Oh Merci for including my letterpress notes! I'm honored to be included in such lovely company. LOVE those rubber stamps : )


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