August 19, 2010


Unfortunately Whimsical Wednesday’s this week had to take a sabbatical, so I wanted to post something for everyone to look at so they could do their “ooo’s” and “ahh’s”, so take a look at the absolutely GORGEOUS jewelry by Etsy shop,  One Stone New York.  I am just amazed at the great quality and workmanship that has gone into the making of these pieces of jewelry!  I tell you I don't understand why every woman in the world doesn't have a piece of jewelry from this shop.  They are simply pieces of art that you can wear and admire!

One Stone New York

Diamond bezel ring - 4mm (0.23 carats), 14k yellow gold 5mm and 3mm solid gold ring set, 14k yellow gold Wave ring - 14k yellow gold
Natural diamond earrings - 18k gold Diamond bezel ring - 0.23 carats, 14k white gold Wave stacking ring (set of 2), 14K white gold
Emerald bezel ring - 14k yellow gold Herkimer diamond ring, 18k yellow gold Rose cut diamond bezel ring - 18K gold - engagement


Whimsical Wednesday’s will be back next week so come back and check out the fabulous undiscovered shops I found while searching through the wonderful world of Etsy!

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