June 14, 2011

New Items…

As I promised I am not making this blog post so far in the future you have forgotten that I write them!  I wanted to share my other new sets with you, and I  believe I gave you a hint in my last post, it went something like this: dum dum de dum dum dum de dum…any ideas?  You guessed it, it has to do with weddings!  I thought why couldn’t I create wedding invitation suites.  I like to believe that I am talented, well at least at allot of things, not all things (darn I wish I would be rich, maybe in another life).  So without further ado here are what I came up with for my creations, and I would love some feedback!

chelsi layout 

natalie invitation suite

This next invitation is called the Jessica Invitation Suite

Jessica Invitation

This last one we call the Veronica Invitation Suite

veronica invitation

Obviously all invitations are customizable (to a point) all I need is the information to plug in.  I am not doing customized fonts at this point but it will be something I will offer in the  future, like offering 3-4 different fonts per invitation.  I did take some pictures of these but I am not happy with the photography just yet, they still need tweaking, I may even just retake them.  Anyway..what do you think?  Feedback is definitely needed and wanted!  Happy Tuesday into Wednesday everyone!  Don’t forget my shops will be in vacation mode starting next Friday evening (DISNEY TRIP!!).  Ciao!

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