June 10, 2011

My apologies…

My sincerest apologies to all of my readers, I have been VERY lax in writing my blog these days.  Some of it has been family matters and issues, and some of it I admit has just been pure laziness on my part.  Although on my behalf I have been working on some new projects for my shop and now for my blog.  LOVE that you can add a PayPal cart right to your blog…nifty little tool that is.  Anyway…I wanted to share with you some of my newest creations and get some of your opinions.  Would love to hear from you and get some feedback.  First up we have my hand sketched and watercolor painted butterflies.  I got this idea ( sort of) from a blog that I came across while writing the blog I write for work (http://madeleinesdaughter.blogspot.com/) where a great stationer has created hand painted wedding invitations, absolutely GORGEOUS if I do say so myself!!  So I thought well with my back ground and (hopefully) talent I should be able to do my own version of something.  So butterflies were what I came up with.  Here are a few images of what I created.  I haven’t as of yet added them to my shop but will be soon, just need to work on the photography I think.     

DSCN2913 DSCN2921
DSCN2918 DSCN2914
DSCN2922 DSCN2919

So that’s my hand sketched and watercolor painted butterflies!  What do you think?

Since it’s getting late and I didnt realize HOW late (6am will be toooo early) I’ll have to post my other new creations in my nest blog post and I promise it won’t be such a long time frame between postings!  Just a little hint as to what the other creations are: dum dum de dum, dum dum de dum…

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