March 13, 2011

Beautiful Treasury…

Take a look at this gorgeous Treasury that my Pink Cherry Blossom card set was included in.  It’s absolutely beautiful!  See for your self, then take a look through the shops and see what else they have to offer.

Candy color charms bracelet - rose peach and peridot glass beads Pink Cherry Blossom Flat notecards set of 8 Earrings Oval hoop and glass beads Pink red purple Love at First Sight Necklace - Lampwork beads and Silver - Valentine's day
Set of 5 yummy handmade tags White green cotton fabric tiara headband PICK YOUR COLOR - Ribbon Shaped Acrylic Beads - 6 pieces FREE SHIPPING, Harlequin Beaded Necklace
Drops of love - handmade earrings DIY - My shop's book -  pdf  printable RESERVED  for Kathy -Matassine - Lampwork beads set- Warm Flowers Bracelet - antiqued brass wire, stones and Czech glass
Business Cards Customized - In The Hanging Garden PROMO - Cute Love birds wedding cake toppers -promo price Origami embroidered moleskine - Happiness Strawberry Polymer Clay Fruit slices - 65 pcs
See they are fabulous aren’t they?  Don’t forget to go look at their shops!  Happy weekend everyone, hope it was wonderful!



  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a great T with great works!

  3. Really beautiful!!! Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  4. Oh you are all so welcome it was a gorgeous treasury and I just had to share it with everyone! Happy Monday!

  5. Lovely color, thank yu so much!

  6. It's a lovely collection, with a delicate color combination! Thank you for share it! :D

  7. It is a great collection of items and the colors just pop they are so beautiful and eye catching! Your welcome PassionArte.


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