August 29, 2011

Color of the day…Peridot…

Since today is my mothers birthday, Happy Birthday mom, I thought the color for today should be Peridot in honor of her birth month!  This is such a gorgeous rich color and I think it deserves its time in the lime light!  Take a look at some of the gorgeous pieces I found on Etsy in this stunning color.

perido inspiration board

1) Vintage Frames

2) Green Blankets

3) Green Earrings

4) Flower Coasters

5) Pencils

6) Handbag

7) Stationery

8) Fairy



  1. i LOVE peridot! happy birthday to your mom, and thank you so much for including my pencil set in this collection!

  2. Very pretty! I love the shop decoylab and those coasters are exactly why!

  3. such pretty finds, thank you for featuring me!

  4. Gorgeous peridot collection Laurie! Thanks for including my pair of old frames too :) --Suzanna

  5. You are all very welcome! I love the color Peridot as well, I'm an August baby as well! Mom had a good day, but we are having her party this coming weekend of which she doesn't know about yet! he he! Have a great week everyone!

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom!
    Thanks so much for including my notecards in such a gorgeous collection :)
    Laura from KitzieG

  7. You are so welcome Laura! It was a gorgeous piece and I had to include it. Mom's bday dinner party was good and she had a great day!


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