February 25, 2011

Color of the day is Amethyst…

Today’s color of the day is Amethyst in all of its glory!  It is said that in Tibet, amethyst is considered to be sacred to Buddha and rosaries are often fashioned from it.  Placed under the pillow at night, the beautiful amethyst is believed to produce a calm and peaceful sleep. Amethyst is given as a symbol of sincerity, security, and peace of mind.  I wonder how much of this is truth or myth, I suppose the only way to find out is to see for yourself.  Take a look at these gorgeous pieces I discovered while searching through the plethora of items on Etsy.  Absolutely exquisite!

PURPLE PASSION- Dramatic Amethyst Gemstone with Gold Plated Flower Posts 30 Fancy, high quality, Forget Me Not, romantic, SHABBY CHIC,  recycled paper party favor tags Steampunk -  Neo Victorian Amethyst Crystal Pocket Watch
Purple Cup Cozy, Valentine Mug Sleeve, Tea Coffee, Violet Twilight Plum Eggplant Amethyst Aubergine Blueberry, Knitted Cabled, fresht fttt dreamt elitett Plum Notebook/Sketchbook/Journal with a cute flower Purple and White Sakura - 8 inches Bridal and Bridesmaid's Silver Frame Clutch - Set of 4
Amethyst Sterling Silver Wire Crochet Ring Water-Resistant Nylon Bag in Deep Plum - Teddy PURPLE STAR Necklace, Swarovski Amethyst Violet Aurora Crystal, Sterling Silver

I think even though some of these items are not an Amethyst stone, they still give you that feeling of serenity and a peace of mind!  Sipping coffee while writing in a journal, giving gifts with precious tags, a woman’s need to have all of her things close to her side.  All of these items still bring peace and serenity!  Go over to each shop and see what other wonderful items they have to offer!


  1. Stunning - I love amethyst colors!! Really beautifully put together. We just added a pillow to our range which this collection reminds us of.

    Please drop by our blog to see:


  2. Great color! Thank you for the feature!

  3. Thanks girls, and you are very welcome for the feature! I loved this color and couldn't resist!


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