January 15, 2010

Happy New Year

Hey everyone...Happy New Year!! I hope that this year brings everyone plenty of happiess, great health and wellness!

Our business has decided to add stickers/labels to their repertoire!! So far they are super cute!! You should check them out on our etsy store...I haven't had the chance to upload any images here yet for anyone to see.

We are hoping to be able to add some stationary to the collection as well...still working on that one...we want to make sure they are worthy before adding them!

Still new at this blog thing...but I wanted to give a little more background as to who we are and where the name came from. As our profile says we are a mother and daughter team that has been "crafty" and "creative" forever!! I am not sure that there is anything we haven't been able to do. If one of us is not able to do it, the other IS. I think the creativeness is just part of us, sort of like its in our blood so to speak. JoAnn, the mother, well my mother, is the seamstress that sews all of the fabulous handbags that we designed together! My talents DO NOT involve a sewing ability to be honest...sure I can sew the linings together which is fairly basic...BUT I am pretty sure NO ONE would want to purchase the handbags if I were the one that put them together and made thel retail ready! So, I give her KUDOS for that ability...something she has been able to do since she was 9 (but she doesn't sew her fingers together anymore)! Hmm...now for me and my talents...I can't say that I have one talent that is specific...I have so many different things that I am able to do its hard to just hone in on one. Right now I would say that making the stickers/labels is my talent for the moment.

I am also going to be the one designing the stationary...it will be anywhere from computer generated graphics to letterpress (fingers crossed). I am really into the simpler styles...like when I go to the store to buy a card or something of that nature...I look for the simple things...like a card that has a nice image on the front and says "thank you" on it, and is blank inside! That is more my style, just basic, I think a card that is blank inside can be more meaningful to the person receiving it than a card full of words because it can be PERSONALIZED!

Ok so...how we came up with the name is simple...JCB is the first initial in my childrens names and since they are my mothers only grandchildren...it was an easy choice! The second half of the name "Design Studio" gives way to letting us not have just a specific thing that we create. For example if we said JCB Handbags...we would have to create just that ...handbags...this way we can be as creative as we want and make as many things as we want!

Here is the inspiration for JCB !

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